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AYSO 154 Cypress, CA

Volunteer Registration Process Information

Volunteers for Fall and Spring

Please click on the link for the procedures to Volunteer in Region 154.  The process is all governed by AYSO National.  All these steps must be completed before any volunteer gets released to a team. Volunteer roles are: Coach, Asst. Coach, Team Parent, Referee, Team Buddy, etc. 

Spring Information about Fingerprints see rotator.

Click here volunteer registration info 2022.pdf

If you have already been fingerprinted through AYSO during All Stars and or Fall, you do not have to be fingerprinted again. This is mandatory through AYSO National for all volunteers: coaches, asst. coaches, team parents, referees must be fingerprinted.  You ask if you already have this done through work do you need to do it again? And the answer is YES, through AYSO now! If you are unsure, contact the CVPA.

Game Schedule Information

The 2022 fall game schedules for U5 COED, U6 girls/boys, U8 girls/boys, U10 girls/boys and U12 girls/boys are posted on Matchtrak.

ATTACHED Game fields map for LJHS anf Park Lexington

U5 COED and U6 girls/boys
U8 girls and boys
U12 girls and boys
U14/U16/U19 + Extra
  • Season starts 9/10/2022. Schedule TBD by Area/Section. ETA for schedule = Labor Day weekend 
  • U14/U16/U19 all games at Lexington JHS
  • Extra U9, U10, U11 and U12 at LJHS
  • Extra U13 at Park Lexington
Fields for games: 
Lexington Jr. High - cypress 154 - ljhs 2022 game fields.pdf
Lexington Park - cypress 154 - park lexington 2022 game fields.pdf

Thank you, Scheduler
Jeff Dronkers

Picture Day 9/11/22

Picture Day Sunday, September 11, 2022 9:00am-3:00pm

Cypress Community Center - 5700 Orange Ave, Cypress

Picture Schedules and Volunteer Schedules - picture time-volunteer times.pdf

Winning Top Selling $ Basket - 1 team per division will win a free pizza party for the team!

Participation Guidelines:

* Auction Baskets must be dropped off 8:00am on 9/11 at Cypress Community Center.
* Plan to have players arrive 30 minutes before scheduled picture time. 
* Players are to line up outside with social distancing. 
     -No lining up inside of building
     -Players will be escorted into the building after the previous team has exited.  Exiting players will use different door.
* NO Cleats in building
* Only team personnel will be allowed into the building with players
* Only team members & team personnel will be allowed in team pictures
* Each player must have a completed picture form, even if picture package are not being ordered (see below)
     -The basic package is already included as part of registration fees.  This includes one player picture, one player team
      picture and player button at not extra cost.  Additional items can be ordered on the picture form.
* Volunteer schedule will be 1 hour of prior to picture time.
* Food Trucks - Yalla Truck and Kona Ice Truck!
For questions contact: [email protected]

See attached for parents/teams:

picture prices ppd.pdf Each player must have a Form 
silent auction baskets.pdf     Teams use this form for the basket items

2021 obstacle toys.pdf   5 Different Inflatables for 2022: game and obstacle for FREE!

Parent Meetings

Parent Meeting Information Fall 2022:

Mandatory Parent Meeting: At this meeting we will go over the guidelines for the divisions, expectations, volunteer positions that each parent will play and then meet your coach.
Meetings will be held at Lexington Park from 5:00pm to 8:00pm. See schedule below of divisions.

Tuesday, July 26th
5:00 - VIP
6:00 - Division U5 & U6
7:00 - Division U10

Thursday, July 28th
5:00 - Division U8
6:00 - Division U12
7:00 - Division U14, 16, 19

If you have any questions please contact your Division Director (see contact page)

Here is the PowerPoint shown at the meeting:

Parent FAQ's


Is my child the right age for AYSO soccer?
The effective date of age determination for registration shall be the player's age as of December 31 looking ahead of the Membership Year.  Example: For MY2017 the division the child will be placed in  will be determined based on their age on December 31, 2018.

In which age group or division will my child play?
Players are placed in age divisions 5U, 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U and 19U (U stands for Under that age. For example: 12U means children that are 12 years of age and under as of December 31, 20xx.)  Here is the ayso age chart 2022-2024.pdf to help you determine what age group.

What makes AYSO different?
Our mission is to provide quality youth soccer programs where everyone builds positive character through participation in a safe, fun, family-oriented soccer environment. AYSO’s six philosophies separate us from the pack:

  • Everyone Plays
  • Balanced Teams
  • Open Registration
  • Positive Coaching
  • Good Sportsmanship
  • Player Development

What other soccer expenses can I anticipate this year?
Not included in the registration fees are the required shin guards, appropriate shoes, and a strongly recommended practice ball. In addition, the team parents will possibly request a small amount to cover the expenses of a team banner, hair pieces (for the girls), end of season team party and a small gift for the coach. Also, each family is often requested to bring snacks for the team at one game during the season. Soccer supplies can be purchased at many locations.   

My child does not meet the minimum age range for the AYSO Fall season, but he/she is very [big/strong/athletic/coordinated] for his/her age. Can we still sign up for the upcoming Fall season?
No. AYSO is a national organization with very strict guidelines regarding age requirements. AYSO’s accident and liability insurance depends on the players being the proper age to play and being placed in their age appropriate divisions. Children who do not meet the age requirement are not permitted to play. Be patient – they’ll grow up before you know it!

In school, my child is with classmates who are [younger/older]. May my child “play down” in a younger division or “play up” in an older division to be on teams with kids with whom he/she goes to school?
No. AYSO is a national organization that determines the player divisions based on birth dates. The AYSO “year” runs from January 1st through December 31st. AYSO’s accident and liability insurance depends on the players placed in their age appropriate divisions. Many children are in “different” divisions than their school classmates. We encourage you to view this as a positive experience – it will allow your child to broaden his/her relationships outside of school and enjoy making new friends.


When do the players get called?
Teams may typically begin practice August 1st. Coaches will contact the players/parents at least 1 week prior to their first scheduled practice. At this time, the coaches will provide all the information you will need in regards to practice times and location. If you have not heard from a coach, please contact the Division Director for your child(s) age group.

What uniform will my child receive?
Each player will receive a team uniform which should be worn at all games and will include a team jersey, soccer shorts, and soccer socks.

How often are practices and games?
Practices are held once or twice a week and games are played Saturday. Location of games and practices will be determined by the region administration with schedules provided to you by your child's coach.  5U/6U and 8U cannot practice after 7:30 pm.  10U and older cannot practice after 9:00 pm.  Players are restricted to the following hours of soccer per week, which includes practice, warm-up, and game time: 6U – 3 hours (3), 8U - five (5) hours, 10U and older – six (6) hours.

When is Opening Day / Picture day?
Opening Day / Picture Day usually takes place in September.

When does the Season Begin?
The season begins late August or early September. However, it may change from time to time and always best to confirm by visiting our calendar of events.


What is the duration of the games?
For the younger divisions, the games take about 1 hour to complete. For the older divisions, the games take about 1.5 hours to complete.

What should I bring to my child’s practices and games?
Shin guards (required), soccer shoes, a soccer ball, uniform (games only) and water. Also, bringing a well rested, well hydrated, nutritionally balanced child with a positive attitude and willingness to learn is highly recommended!

Do I have to get soccer shoes for my child to play?
Soccer shoes are not mandatory, but are highly recommended (regular athletic shoes with no cleats are the alternative). When buying soccer shoes, they cannot have a toe cleat (baseball shoes have a toe cleat). Generally speaking, nearly all players at all age levels use soccer shoes for practices and games.

What size soccer ball should I get for my child?
Divisions U5 through U8 use a Size 3 ball.
Divisions U10 and U12 use a Size 4 ball.
Divisions U14 and above use a Size 5 ball.

Why are the children required to wear their soccer socks over their shin guards?
Safety is the primary reason. Some types of shin guards are hard shell instead of soft, and may have sharp edges that could cut a player. By wearing their socks over the shin guards, players protect each other. Also, wearing the socks over the shin guards prevent the shin guards from shifting during running or when being kicked, which allow the shin guards to protect the areas they are supposed to.

Is it OK for players to wear jewelry during practice and game?
No. Jewelry of any kind (necklaces, watches, earrings, rings, bracelets, etc.) cannot be worn during practice or games.  There is an exception for Med-Alert bracelets, but they must be completely covered with tape or a soft cloth band for the safety of your child and all the other players.

The doctor said that my child can play with his arm splint. Will AYSO allow him/her to play?
No. While the doctor may be representing your son’s interest appropriately, the risk to other players mandates that he limit his participation to that of moral support on the sidelines. Players may not wear casts or splints which could possibly cause injury to himself/herself or another player. NO EXCEPTIONS. This applies at the games as well as at practices.

What about eyeglasses and hearing aids?
Glasses, hearing aids, and med-alerts may be worn to practices and games. The use of an eyeglass holder/strap or sports-glasses is recommended. As stated above, Med-Alerts must be completely covered with tape or a soft cloth band as a safety measure.

It can be cold during the early morning Fall season games. Can my child wear a sweatshirt during the games?
Any extra articles of clothing must be worn under the uniform (so you can still determine which team a player is associated with). It is recommended that any extra articles of clothing be limited to undershirts or turtle necks (under the uniform). Try to coordinate with your team’s colors if possible. Any extra articles cannot have any zippers or any plastic/metal components of any kind.

What kinds of hair accessories are acceptable?
Any hair accessories should not be made of metal or plastic, and should not be rigid. Soft hair accessories such as “scrunchies” and soft rubber bands are recommended and acceptable.

Where do the parents sit during the game?
Parents need to stay on their team’s side line between the top of each penalty box.  The 'home' team sits on the west or north side of the field, and the 'visitor' team site on the opposite side.  Parents 'coaching' all the way down the lines, behind the goals, and/or on the other team's side of the field is not allowed.  There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy towards the youth referees.  They are learning and are children.  Also, no yelling at the referees.  They are volunteers.

Team Parent Responsiblities

Team Parent Responsibilities 

  • Complete the AYSO Volunteer form (completed annually) and submit to the Division Director (if new, prepare to show photo id)

  • Safe Haven complete (one time class, check on eayso for your completed certifications)

  • CDC concussion training (one time class, check on eayso for your completed certifications)

  • Get a copy of the first page of each child’s registration form.  Have one person listed as a guardian to sign their name, in RED ink, at the bottom of their child’s form.  The team’s forms will need to be at every practice, game, and team event in case of emergencies.  The coach should have an identical set with them at all times as well.

  • Attend all team parent meetings.  Check AYSO 154 Calendar for more information.

  • Manage your Team's Website on the ayso154 website.

  • Optional – purchase or make a team banner or flag, make a goal can to help raise funds for the end of the year team party, create an after game snack schedule, make sure the website team roster is completed, coordinate the end of the season party, create a phone tree, etc.

  • Help complete the team volunteer form.

How to Add a Volunteer Role

After Registration? What happens next?

Once I have Registered my child, what happens next?

  • You will hear from a coach by the end of July
  • Your child will need to have ready for practices, shin guards, cleats (no toe cleat like baseball cleats have) and a ball (most sporting good stores start putting specials in their ads)
  • Practices will be 1-2 times a week depending on coaches availability.  Younger teams practice early, older teams practice later hours.
  • Practices begin early August
  • Games begin late August/early September

What do the fees cover? Your child will receive a full uniform (jersey, shorts, socks), team and individual pictures, player insurance, and depending on age, a trophy/medal.

Helpful Information click on link:
brochure 2019.pdf
codes of conduct 2019.pdf
parking enforcement 2019.pdf
who in the world does all this.pdf

Kids Zone

In AYSO, fans are asked to be cheerleaders, not critics. Kids Zone® is a unique program that includes a parent pledge that moms and dads sign to commit to positive, encouraging behavior when they're watching the games. It also includes signs, buttons and other game-day reminders. 
Soccer is a player's game. Players learn the game by trying new things, making mistakes and trying again. Sideline critics who scream instructions at players or criticize referees or coaches just slow down the learning process and make it less fun for everyone. 
Negative, even violent, behavior of players, coaches and parents involved in youth sports has become almost epidemic in the U.S. Kids Zone® is a proactive effort to counteract this trend.

Kid Zone Pledge

Kids are No. 1.
Fun, not winning, is everything.
Fans only cheer, and only coaches coach.
No yelling in anger
Respect the volunteer referees.

No swearing or abusive behavior.
No alcohol, tobacco or drugs.
No weapons.
Leave no trash behind.
Set a proper example of sportsmanship

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