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Become a Youth Referee!

We are proud to announce the return of Cypress' AYSO 154's Youth Referee Program!!! This program is open to all players who are at least 12 years old.  It provides benefits to the player, the team and the region.

Benefits To You

  • You’ll earn valuable volunteer hours!
  • You could eventually make by becoming a NOCRA Referee (CLICK HERE for more information)!
  • You’ll learn more about soccer!
  • You’ll become a better player!
  • You’ll get cool stuff:
    • Uniform
    • Whistle
    • Prizes and awards
  • You can attend events that are for Youth Refs only, like BBQs, Movie Nights, Pizza Parties!
  • You’ll get to teach 8U/10U players the game you love!
  • You’ll give back to this terrific program!

Benefits To Your Team

  • You will be the expert on the calls being made!
  • You’ll be able to help your coach understand the laws and rules of the game!


We have many talented players in our region who are also referees.  Our region allows youths between the ages of 12 to 18 to become referees.

It is our goal to provide our youth referees with opportunities to increase their skills as a referee and to acknowledge them for their contributions to our region.  We provide skill advancement with our Youth Referee mentoring games.  We appreciate our referees with an End of the Season Party and other goodies. 

Youth Referee Mentoring Games:

This program is for youth referees to be active in the game as the referee in the center or as an assistant referee with a mentor directly working with them.

Game of the Day with Lunch:

We invite our youth referees to join a senior referee staff member to narrate the referee team’s actions on a high-level game.  We will also provide lunch for our youth referees.  The date will be determined by pool play and we will post the time later. 

Mentor Night:

We'll be having at least one night where the youth referees will participate in live-game scenarios in a controlled scrimmage.

End of the Season Youth Referee Party:

We will hold an end of the year party for the Youth Referees, adult mentors, and our referee staff.  We will have lots of food, dessert, and prizes.  Date and location to be posted soon.

This inaugural year is going to be a lot of fun, and I look forward to helping you develop into a great referee!


Yours in Success,

Troy Barron,
Youth Referee Coordinator
[email protected]  


Signing up For a Volunteer Role

2023 Youth Referee Information
Each Youth Referee will need to initially create their own volunteer account on Blue Sombrero ( to receive a national AYSO Volunteer ID #. This profile will then be yours for life, collecting and saving all of your trainings and further certifications you earn as a volunteer. You will then use this profile each year when you sign up as a volunteer.  Please see the link below for instructions on how to set up your profile and account today! 

youth referee volunteer instructions 2023.docx
youth referee program 2023.outlinedocx.docx

The Program

Youth Referee Program


Mission: To enrich the lives of youth volunteers within the community by developing a better understanding of the game of soccer and demonstrating the AYSO Philosophies.

Objective: To enhance player development of the participating individual while providing support to the region and community.

Who is eligible?

Youth Volunteers between the ages of 12-17 who complete the required training certifications and hours can participate in the program.

Youth Volunteer must be 12 by July 31

Is Equipment provided?

Upon completion of the required training, youth referees will be provided a youth referee jersey, black socks, data wallet (red/yellow cards), flip coin, whistle/lanyard and referee patch.

Flags will be provided for each game at the field.

How do referees get training?

Region 154 will host youth Basic Regional Referee training classes. There will be additional opportunities to interface, practice, and receive mentoring from our veteran referees throughout the season.

·         Mentor Night- live game scenarios in a controlled scrimmage environment

·         Eat and Observe- during season, sit and eat lunch with a veteran referee as he narrates the referee actions

·         Cypress Youth Referee Club- build relationships receive recognition and share best practices

·         Web resources (self-review)-online resources links. Visit

How many games are they allowed/expected to officiate?

There are no limits. It is up to the youth referee how many games they feel comfortable with. We understand that most of our youth referees are also players. The more games the youth referees participate in, the better they will become. Plus, the more appreciation gifts they will earn!

·         Youth Referees can referee a maximum of 3 games per day and as little as 1 as available. Safety of the children is our #1 priority

What is required of me as the parent?

Parents are required to transport them to the assigned field. Youth Referees will check in at the Referee tent before and after each game for their assignments. Parents are encouraged to stay and watch their child referee.

·         Once checked in and prepared for their game, they will walk to their assigned field in full uniform.

·         Once their game is completed, they will assure that the game cards are filled out completely, and then deposited in the AYSO mail box along the Arnold Parking lot fence on the Lexington side.

·         Once done for the day, they can pick up any snack, beverage or lunch at the Region 154 Snack Shack (Must be in full uniform to get any items).

Encourage positivity on sidelines with other parents. Model the appropriate behavior toward s the players and game officials at all times!

How are they being supported during games?

We at Region 154 have  a ZERO tolerance for referee verbal abuse! Coaches will be notified when youth referees officiate games and will be expected to be on their best behavior and manage their parents on the sidelines to support the AYSO philosophies.

Filed monitors from the region will monitor as well and are there for support.

How does communication take place?

Youth Referee Program information and dates are listed on the  website

Group email communication will be established to provide additional direction/communication

Can the child receive Volunteer Credit?

ABSOLUTELY !!! Most schools have a form that can be delivered to and signed off by the Regional Referee Administrator validating their hours of participation.

On top of this, we will be offering incentive gift cards to each youth referee. The more games they do, the more incentives they will earn!

How do I sign up?

1.       Complete online registration through Blue Sombrero

2.       Complete Safe Haven & Concussion training online

3.       Complete Laws of the Game through AYSO U

4.       Complete Regional Referee in person training class 6-8 hours

5.       Attend additional training opportunities as provided by the region


Troy Barron,
Youth Referee Administrator
YouthRefProgr[email protected]

Supporting our Youth as Referees (Zero Tolerance)

It is important to remember that when a youth is refereeing a soccer match, he or she is an integral part of the official referee staff of our region. These youth represent future resources for AYSO and the greater community, and it is up to us - parents, coaches and fellow referees - to encourage, nurture and support them. We must give them the patience and positive reinforcement that is the cornerstone of AYSO.

Every coach, player, and parent must keep in mind that the young referees working out there are our kids and that we owe them the same, if not more, patience and respect than we give the players. And if you're a coach in a game where one of your spectators is being disruptive or challenging the youth referee's authority, you need to immediately intervene. Coaches, remember that the first line of responsibility for dealing with spectators rests with you.

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