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Spring COVID Guidelines

In addition to adherence to the City Approved COVID 19 Playing guidelines, the following AREA Guidelines are also required for the Return to Play Spring Programs:

Ø  Board Member, Field Marshals are to be assigned to all Play Fields prior to first match in the AM and to remain active on the fields until the last match of the day.           (Please be visible)

Ø  Regional Signage Must be posted (numerous locations to fields) with information that access to the field areas is a 100% Face Covering Requirement; Along with         the required 6' social distancing.

Ø  No More Than 2 Spectators per player (so if team has 7 players no more than 14 people may  be present on the spectator area), (children under 12 ok).

Ø  No spectators are to be present at fields for any PRACTICE activity. They may be in cars or 100' away from fields.

Ø  Regions are to e-mail all participants, coaches & families by Thursday of each week reminding them of the COVID-19 play protocols.

Ø  Regions MUST send a separate reminder out (as above) advising parents to immediately notify their coach of a POSITIVE COVID 19 test by a player and/or                 immediate (living with) relatives.

Ø  ALL personnel at fields MUST wear a face covering. This includes:

·        Players (arriving & leaving the field) and at all times while not involved in active field play

·        Coaches: AT ALL TIMES

·        Referees: At All TIMES. Upper division games (14-19U) may allow for Referee to temporarily lower face covering for active running. HOWEVER, the Referee               MUST cover their mouth & nose whenever within close contact of a player and/or having a conversation with ANYONE.

·        Spectators: At all times must wear face coverings, ALSO maintaining 6' social distance rule about the fields

Please ask for parent & spectator cooperation in your emails.


It’s about the KIDS and them wanting to play.... Not the Spectators!



Region Updates

The Region 154 board is working on ways to safely reopen in the Fall.  We are working with government agencies as well as our AYSO board of directors to put some protocols in place.  

The Spring season will be different than previous years.  Our goal is to get the kids back out on the field with their friends and enjoy the sport they love!!  The Spring Season will look like the following:

  • Teams of no more than 14 players with 1 coach and 1 team parent and adhere to Safe Haven requirements.  If a set team (ie EXTRA or older division) needs to be split into 2 teams each team will have a designated coach and will practice next to each other.  AT NO TIME WILL SAID TEAMS BE ABLE TO MOVE PLAYERS OR COACHES FROM ONE TEAM TO ANOTHER.
  • Parents will not be allowed to stay at the practice field.  They must stay outside of the marked field for the entire practice.  Face masks will be required to be worn to and from practice by parents and players.
  • Teams will get 1 practice sessions a week of 1-1.5 hours each depending on space and age of team.  AT NO TIME WILL TEAMS BE ABLE TO CHANGE/ALTER PRACTICE TIME/LOCATION/DAYS WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN APPROVAL FROM JEFF DRONKERS.
  • EXTRA teams will play as CORE teams and will stay together - they can add players with prior approval by RC, RCA, EXTRA Division Director.
  • The Season will be 10 weeks long with possible round robin games or tournaments when the city approves.  The season will run from 03/20/2021 - 05/22/2021 with a possible round robin tournament after if approved by guidelines.
  • Each player will receive a shirt with region logo as a jersey.  
  • First Touch Coaching will run U5, U6, U8, U10 and U12 divisions with 1 practice during the week and games on Sunday.
  • All coaches, parents, and players must adhere to COVID precautions which can be found on our website and will be provided to each parent and coach.  Any coach not following the guidelines will be removed as coach and suspended as a volunteer for 12 months in Region 154.
  • Coach and/or team parents will be required to do temperature checks as well as keep a list of all players at practice.
  • U14 -U19 with have Area games and only 2 spectators per player will be allowed at those games.
What will happen next:
You will receive an email to pay the $100 registration fee for the season
If you decide you don't want your child to play please fill out and turn in the REFUND FORM even if you didn't pay
Teams will be formed the second week in March
Region Zoom meetings to explain COVID guidelines and answer questions regarding the season

Do you want to coach or be a team parent??
Please email Cesar Espinoza for coach information [email protected]
Please email Stacey Scherer for team parent information teamparent.[email protected]
Each team will need 1 coach and 1 team parent


  -  We will be very open with communication if we have a participant who tests positive for COVID while maintaining confidentiality regarding health status.
We will only start play once given the Ok by the city and school districts.
Face masks will be required to be worn by all volunteers during practices. 
Schedule practices with social distancing in mind. Staggered start and end time. Entrance at one gate and exit at another where possible. Fields will be more spread out. It may require shortening practice time. 
  -  Be sensitive and accommodating to parents who may be uncomfortable with returning to play at this time.
Create a communication plan for the region to members.  Create a communication pathway for parents to communicate their concerns or questions with region leadership.  Open communication and understanding is key. 
Send reminders to families ensuring that only healthy participants attend and reiterating expectations and guidelines.
Provide gloves for field set up and take down. 
  -  Board Safety Director reports to city, county and AYSO board officials if a player or their family tests positive for COVID.


  -  Coaches should maintain social distancing requirements from players and family members.
  -  Wearing a face mask for the duration of the practice is critical. 
  -  Ensure all players have and handle their own labeled equipment (ball, water bottle, training disks, etc.).
  -  Coach should be the only person to handle coaching equipment (e.g.: cones, disks, etc.); do not let parents or attendees assist.
  -  Hand sanitizer or hand washing on arrival / mid-way and end of training session.  Region will provide hand sanitizer to each team. 
  -  No shared equipment in use. 
  -  No physical greeting of players (verbal acknowledgement is expected).
  -  Stay positive and create a fun environment in this new normal.
  -  Report to the Board Safety Director if the parent states player or family member tested positive for COVID.
*A team parent can be added to help assist the coach in accordance with the same health and safety guidance designated for the coach. 


  -  Ensure your child is healthy. Check for COVID symptoms and test the child's temperature before departing for soccer practice (if above 100.4, do not attend).
  -  Face masks are required while walking to and from practices.  Abide by social distancing guidelines. 
  -  Recommended that all equipment (ball, cleats, shin guards, etc.) are sanitized before and after every practice.
  -  Recommended that a child has hand sanitizing products with them at every session.
  -  Notify your coach or a board member immediately if your child or family member test positive for COVID. 
  -  Do not assist the coach with equipment before, during or after training.
  -  Check Region and Coach communication regularly.
  -  Abide by social distancing and new spectator layout. 


  -  Inform parent or coach if they feel unwell.
  -  Wash hands before and after training.
  -  Bring and use your own labeled hand sanitizer at every session.
  -  Do not touch or share anyone else’s equipment.
  -  Practice social distancing, place bags and equipment at least 6 feet apart.
  -  No sharing drinks or use of water fountains at the facility (players should mark their own water bottles).
  -  No physical greetings with their teammates (verbal acknowledgement is expected). 

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